90 years of experience
of fruit and vegetables



We make a significant effort to have a wide range of high-quality organic products, both locally-grown and imported. This is wholly in line with our objective to be the best within our niche. We are aware that demand for organic products is greater than ever – and are making every effort to cater to customers’ wishes.



Hedenbys specialises in speciality products and aims to always be first with early season produce, no matter whether it comes from Sweden or overseas. We are especially enthusiastic about locally-grown produce, including Gotland products.

Own imports

Egen import

Hedenbys was founded in 1927 and our field of activity has always been global. Commitment and experience have contributed to our extensive knowledge and today we have many long-established business relationships in numerous countries. We select only the best fresh produce from carefully-inspected growers in our network and keep a constant eye on new products and trends on the global market.



No matter where in the world our fruit and vegetables come from, our customers can expect top-quality fresh products. One essential element in this is the packaging. We offer customised solutions as far as possible with a focus on service.

Skylta upp butiken

Presentation of products

Our sales team are happy to come out for a visit and provide tips and advice regarding product display in order to help you increase your sales and profitability. If you or your staff need to learn more about the products and how they can be used, we are happy to share our knowledge. It is in our mutual interest to move business forward together.