About us

About us

A supplier of fruit and vegetables from around the world

Hedenbys i Stockholm is a long-established supplier of fruit and vegetables from around the world. We have a strong network of growers who supply us with high-quality products, both locally-grown and imported.

Our history


We have been trading on the Stockholm market for 90 years. For generation after generation we have broadened and enhanced our network and our knowledge. This has made us an obvious business partner for stores in the Stockholm area.

A reliable business partner

En pålitlig affärspartner

Experience and knowledge make us a secure and reliable business partner. Providing a high level of service is a priority and we are constantly responsive to customer wishes and are creative when it comes to problem-solving. The best business is based on mutual collaboration!

Objective and core values

Mål och kärnvärden

We always strive to be the best for special ranges, early season produce and locally-grown produce. We maintain high quality requirements with regard to both locally-grown and imported produce and make a significant effort to offer as broad an organic range as possible. Our core values form the basis of everything we do and are about quality, service and commitment.